We offer the following services:

Carpet cleaning - Specialising in a wide variety of materials and types of carpets. This includes specialist rug and Persian carpet cleaning options too, approached with professional know how and effective cleaning techniques ensuring a thorough clean of your rugs and Persian carpets.

Upholstery / lounge suite cleaning

Mattresses & Motors - with our specialised machinery, a natural extension into the mattress cleaning allows for a comprehensive cleaning solution for your mattresses at home.

Spot cleaning


Repairing of water damage within 24 hours

The method we use to clean the carpets, rugs, upholstery, mattresses and motors is the deep extraction method, also known as steam cleaning. It is the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. It has been proven to be the most effective method of cleaning carpets, removing dirt from deep within the carpet pile. The process works by pre-treating the carpet with special detergents, then injecting a warm water solution deep into the carpet pile. The dirt, detergent and water is then immediately suctioned from the carpet.

It is recommended to steam clean your carpets more frequently; this will ensure that they last longer and that the dirt does not embed deeper into the carpets. Regular vacuuming does not remove all the dust and dirt from a carpet, so steam cleaning is the only effective method of removing the dirt.

Quality Carpet Cleaners

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